Monday, February 2, 2009

Vineyard Vines Discount

Hi everyone! I am back from my Baltimore trip with many new ideas for our business and sore feet. The convention center might as well have owned its own zip code, but our trade show went really well. The weather cooperated, until I made it back to Knoxville where there was a nice blanket of snow!! School still hasn't been canceled, but I am hoping they will decide in the morning that the roads are too slick. No class would be really nice ;)

As to the real subject of this post... I had a lovely email waiting in my inbox when I got back in town. The Vineyard Vines crew has extended a discount to all LPW readers! The code is lillypwannabe09 which will give you a 20% discount at checkout. It is valid until 2/8/09 at 11:59EST.

I need more clothes like a need a hole in my head, but I am just not going to be able to resist this offer! Happy shopping!!

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