Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unfortunately Flowers Eventually Die

I absolutely love to receive flowers, even though they are gone in about a week or two. Every year for my birthday in college, my mom sent me a bouquet of pink, green, and yellow flowers. She also made sure to tell the florist to include roses, gerber daises, and tulips which are all my favorites. Little gestures like this really mean a lot. I believe that you don't have to go out and spend a fortune on flowers if you include a few of the favorites, and then some less expensive "fillers."

So, I am not one of those people that will be having flowers delivered to myself; BUT, if I were to receive flower for Valentines Day, I would rather have pink flowers (or at least a bouquet, with some pink!). Some guys don't really understand the giving of flowers because they are too practical, but there is nothing like coming home to bright bouquet of floral smelling flowers :)

Here are some tips for keeping your Valentine's flowers alive longer:
  • Make sure that they have plenty of water at all times.
  • Change the water at least once a day. This is one of the most important steps.
  • Add a little bit of Sprite to the water, or use the flower food.
  • When a flower looks like it is dying, go ahead and take it out of the bouquet.
  • If you receive flowers that have not been arranged, make sure to cut the stems underneath water before placing them in the vase.
Here were some of my favorite bouquets that I found!


PreppyGirl said...

I love the last one!! How sweet of your mom to do that!

Southern Belle said...

OOOOOOH, I love the last one too:)

Lou Lou said...

Omg the last one is to die for! I would so much rather receive that than red roses!

Preppy 101 said...

Sweet Mom you have!! xoxo

Seaside Prep said...

i love that your mom sends you flowers. Tulips and lillies are my favorites! I am with you on the tulips!!

Kappa Prep said...

I would die if someone sent me that last one! It is perfection in a vase!!