Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bring on the Sweets

For my first installation of Valentine's Week, I will let you know some of my favorite candy!
I could pretty much eat anything that is sweet; but for some reason, I swear that candy tastes better around a holiday.

It is not Valentine's Day without the Necco Conversation Hearts. They are simply sugary sweet. The main thing about these little guys is you cannot let them get stale... yuck!

Need I say more?! Cousins to the Reese's peanut butter cups, these goodies have much more peanut butter! Along with the Reese's eggs for Easter, I cannot wait for these to get into stores.
Boxed chocolates is to Valentine's Day like cake is to a birthday. LPW's favorite chocolates are from the Dinstuhl's Fine Candy Company in Memphis. Their cremes and caramels are to die for!


Pink, Green, and Southern said...

OMG the reeses holiday candies are my favorite. I eat so many of them from October-April that it is enough for the rest of the year. I love them when they get a little warm and the oil seeps through the paper on the bottom. Yummy!

Southern Belle said...

LPW, you are making me want some Dinstuhl's right now. Hmmm, they are not too far from me. I might have to go get some:)

The Pink Tutu said...

Oh yummy! I love all the Valentine's treats!!

Seaside Prep said...

For some reason: i really like the white and yellow conversation hearts. I am known to pick through whole boxes and just eat those. Do you have any favorite colors? :)

Lou Lou said...

I have an obsession with peeps so I love the peeps hearts that come out. My mom has already sent me some!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Love those Necco hearts. There is just something so happy about them. I love to see them all year round. :)