Wednesday, February 11, 2009

These are not your average strawberries

I am posting in between a huge test that I just took (hopefully it went better than I think) and getting ready for Out-of-Date Date Party. Sorry, I have been such a bad reader these last few days, but this week has been really hectic. I promise I will catch up towards the end of the week :)

As for Valentine's week, dipped strawberries are a great tradition. I saw this bakery on The Today Show or Food Network at some point in time, and I have been really curious to try them ever since.

These are not only dipped, but they are stuffed with some of your favorite dessert foods. The Eminger Berries look absolutely delectable! Here are some of the ones I am coveting...


The cupcake berries are whimsical & fun. I once had a cupcake candle that made me want to throw a birthday party every day! The berries are stuffed with vanilla cake and sugary frosting. They are dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with the multi-colored sprinkles we grew to love as children.

Margarita Key Lime

The margarita key lime berries are a perfect light and refreshing escape. They are filled with freshly baked & chilled key lime pie. This pie has tequila, triple sec, and hinted salty undertones (no substantial alcohol quantities). They are dipped in premium white chocolate, with a dusting of toasted coconut & gram.

Cookie Dough

The cookie dough stuffed strawberries were one of the first I created. As a chef, I watched countless associates snag chunks of my cookie dough as I baked. It's true, that when I presented a cookie dough stuffed berry to a co-worker, she commented "ooh... these make you feel dirty!" They're very intense. Cookie dough berries are dipped in light chocolate, accented with mini chocolate chips. The dough is, of course, chocolate chip.

Créme Brulee

The créme brulee stuffed strawberries are filled with triple cream custard. This center has a vanilla accent. The caramelized brown sugar is lightly crumpled within the custard. The stuffed strawberries are dipped in white chocolate. They are gently sprinkled with crushed caramelized brown sugar.


The cheesecake stuffed strawberries are filled with rich & creamy New York cheesecake. This center has a vanilla accent. The graham cracker crust is crushed into the cheesecake filling. It is a real cheesecake... fit into the middle of the berry. Cheesecake stuffed strawberries are dipped in dark chocolate. They have elegant white chocolate petals on either side. The bottom is dipped in graham. This is the berry that was featured on the Food Network!

UPDATE: oops... apparently, I breezed over the home page and didn't realize that they are not in business any more!! I guess I am going to have to attempt to make these on my own!

You can make your own dipped strawberries by buying the best strawberries you can find and white or dark almond bark. Wash the strawberries well then make sure that you pat them dry. Warm the almond bark over a double boiler or in the microwave, and dip away!

So after talking about these yummy treats, I am starting to get hungry... I am off to cook dinner!


LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

how on earth do they fill them with cake?!

SweatPea said...

mmmm I didn't think chocolate covered strawberries could get any better....obviously I was wrong.

Champagne Blonde said...

Unfortunately the company has been closed for over a year...sigh-I really wanted to order these!

hGb said...

thats look DELISH! lemme know how hard they are to make! I am OBSESSED with Godvia chocolate covered strawberries.They are my absolute favorite thing on earth!

PreppyGirl said...

oh mannn those strawberries look amazing! I wish they weren't closed!

Belle- Pink Cupcake said...

I tagged you!

Preppy Sue said...

Wow, those look heavenly!

Cricket said...

oh wow, those look so yummy

The Pink Tutu said...

These sound super yummy!!

SweatPea said...

I tagged you!