Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Movie Night!

Did anyone else have to go get The Proposal today?! I am watching it right now!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ribbon Wreath

Since I have the day off today... I have decided to start my Halloween decorations. Surprisingly, the Dollar Store was short on fun things, so I am going to head to Target later on. I came across this website to make a ribbon wreath. I am going to change it up a little bit and make mine with orange, black, and hot pink ribbon.

Here are the instructions if you are interested in making one too...


  • 12″ foam wreath form
  • 24 yards 1 1/4″ black grosgrain ribbon (or less if using a wider ribbon)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape


  1. Cut 45-50 16″ pieces of ribbon.
  2. Tie one strand of ribbon in a knot around the wreath. I used a “messy knot” — right over left, then right over left again, pulling in the opposite direction. It doesn’t really matter how you do it as long as you are consistent all the way around. Repeat with the knots, pushing them close together, until you fill the wreath.
  3. Cut one long piece of ribbon (48″) and tie one end to form a knot. Leave a long loop for hanging and tie another knot onto the wreath.
  4. Trim any frayed or long ends.
I found a supplier for ribbon here. In order to have enough to make me one and one for my sister, I am getting 60 yards of 1 1/2 ribbon. The prices are so much better when you buy wholesale online! Maybe I will have enough left over for other crafts!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh the places you go!

It is amazing at how fast time flies... not only when you are having fun, but when you are busy with work and trying to make a name for yourself in the "adult world." Muffy and I have traveled all over the country for horse shows. It has been a wonderful show season, and we will be settling down for the winter in November. Hopefully, that means that I will have time to start blogging consistently again!

Just a few updates on my life...

Here is a picture of Muffy from a few weeks ago. This was right after her first trip to the pet spa!

I hosted my first dinner party in the new apartment. 3 couples came over and feasted on some delicious food, if I do say so myself! And, of course, I had to have a pink and green table! More info to follow on this party!

I bought my first car... wow! I thought I was going to get a Volvo S60, but when I found out I could get an Audi convertible for the same price, I went for it! Muffy loves riding with the top down!

Still working on decorating the apartment. It is coming along, slowly but surely.

Football season is among us, and I have tried to make it to as many games as possible!

And that is about it! I have truly missed keeping up with you all! I will try to be better about posting :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Home Tour

One of my favorite things to do is decorate my apartment with fun new things that I can pick up at garage or estate sale and outlet sales. I thought that for this week's posts, I would fill you in on what I have been doing recently.

Today is a picture of the Dining Room. FREE things is somthing that I cannot turn down, which is what the tablecloth and chair cushions are. My grandmother (who is a decorator) had these in her breakfast room. Even though it isn't my favorite, it does the job for right now and I can find something I like better later on. Something I also had to keep in mind, since I can't paint the walls, the apartment was in desperate need of some color!

The table underneath is a wooden table that I found at a garage sale for $15. It even has 2 leaves that I can use when I am entertaining a larger crowd! The legs on the table look great, but the top wasn't in the best condition, therefore you can see the need for a tablecloth. The price was right and it functions perfectly!

Moving on to my favorite part of the dining room... my antique chairs! They are around 100 years old and are French Country style. I just found these in a really swanky antique mall. Everything in there was WAY out of my price range, except for these. They were originally $800 for the 6 chairs, but they had been marked 30% off. My grandmother made me put them on hold because I think she knew that I couldn't find anything better... well a few days went by and I didn't find anything that I liked. So I called back and offered them $350 for the chairs and they took it!! Don't every be afraid to offer less than what they are asking, especially in this economy!

The plate rack I bought from the Pottery Barn outlet for my first college apartment. It is accentent with plates that I got from Tuesday Morning and Marshall's. Plate racks are fun because it is an inexpensive way to change the look of. When I get a new table cloth, I will switch out the plates and for around $20, you have a totally different wall.

The painting is from my grandmother's attic. I love the monochromatic palate of it. That way I can change out other patterns close by without having to worry about clashing.

My lingerie chest found a new use in this apartment. I will have to add a picture of it later, but it now serves as the main storage piece for tableclothes, napkins, plates, and other entertaining needs. The cool thing about it is it matchs the armoire that is in my living room! Continuity in a small apartment was really important for me.

Last, but not least, is the lighting. Please let me know if you have any ideas. That is the fixture that came with the apartment and will have to be there when I leave. But, for now, I would like to have something that is a little more... up to date? Not sure if that is the best way to put it, but let me know if you can think of anything!
Also, I am thinking about making two ribbon wreaths to hang on either side of the plate rack? Any other ideas for that blank wall would be great!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Magazines and Catalogs

I have been attempting to catch up on having all of my magazines and catalogs forwarded to the new address. Here is the list that I have requested so far:

Southern Living
Martha Stewart Living

LL Bean
Lands End
J. Crew
Lilly Pulitzer
Vineyard Vines
Pottery Barn

What am I missing??? Do you recieve something that I cannot live without?!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meet Muffy!!

So here is the latest addition to LPW's household. I have been wanting a puppy throughout college, and my mother kept telling me that I couldn't have one until I graduated from college, found a place to live, and had a stable job. Okay, so I managed to accomplish all of those. But, with my hectic work schedule, I have not found time to look for a dog to rescue.

When I arrived in Mississippi, I was thinking that I was not going to be in a rush to get a dog; but give myself plenty of time to get settled and then I would start looking. Keep in mind that at this point, I still was thinking about a black lab or beagle...
So I went to a horse show in Kentucky and everywhere I looked there were Corgis. All of a sudden, I realized I had to have one!! They are perfect around horses, great temperments, good size, and the list could go on and on. So I started asking everyone I saw at the show if they knew of any litters close by or reputable breeders, and no one knew of anything! So I decided that I would just wait and something better would come along.
The next weekend rolled around and I was at a horse show in Nashville. I could not believe it when ONE CORGI PUPPY showed up... I was heartbroken!! I just knew that someone had found a puppy and she was not for sale. But I was wrong! The lady just so happened to be a breeder from Kentucky and brought the ONE PUPPY to sell at the show.
So that night she went home with us to our hotel, so that we could spend time together and see how badly I wanted her. Well of course I was smitten and she rode home with us later on that weekend!
As for naming her, that was the most difficult part of all. I really wanted to name her Lilly but there is already another dog at the barn named that so I was out of luck. We danced around with tons of names and finally I made my sister name her when we were walking into the vet's office to get her shots!
Now Muffy and I spend all of our time together. She even gets to come to work with me :) Her favorite things in life right now are cardboard, flip flops, horse poo (eeww...), playing with other dogs, napping all day, playing hide and seek under my bed, and getting in all kinds of mischief. We have slept through the night once, but other than that we wake mommy up at 4AM to go outside. She is almost completely potty trained!!
When we brought Muffy home 3 weeks ago, she weighed 5.6lbs and was 10 weeks old. Now at 13 weeks, she weighs 8.2lbs. It is a guessing game as to what color she will end up being. The breeder swears that she is going to be sable (which is the reddy-brown), but I think she will stay tri-colored.
Now I just need to find time to go to the Lilly store so she can match mommy in her Lilly!! Aren't the Lilly collars just too cute for words?! I did go to the Vineyard Vines store to get her one of their collars but all of them were too big!! haha! I guess we will have to grow a little more before we can have one of those.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am back in action!!

Sorry everyone for the delay in posting!! You would not believe how crazy everything has been. There is much to fill you in on, since much has changed in LPW's world.

Graduation just flew by. Dolly Parton was the commencement speaker and she received her honorary docorate degree in music. My parents came in town to celebrate with me and help move the final boxes out of the apartment. Yes... it was sad to say by to my friends of four years, but I knew that it would not be the last time that I saw them. Many of these people I will continue to keep up with for the rest of my life. So on to the next subject...

I made it to Mississippi all in one piece and I absolutely LOVE my small town!! It is the epitome of the southern life :) It is the kind of place with one grocery store, tons of cute little boutiques, and were everyone knows your name. The town square has the main court house for the county and is surronded by banks, offices, restaurants, and shopping. Just too quaint for words! I have just finally started to gets things really settled in the apartment. Pictures of the decorating are to come! It is perfectly functional for the little amount of time that I actually stay there.

Now onto the job front, everything is going great. I travel frequently for work so that is why I have been so behind on the blogging. Things will start to settle down when horse show season winds down (in late fall), so until then we must press on through the heat and get work done! Easier said then done on some days!

Now for the REALLY big news!!!!!!!

I brought Preppy Puppy home 3 weeks ago!!!! Yall will just melt when you see her. She is absolutely precious. I will post pictures and tell you the story about how I found her tomorrow!

Glad to be back in the blogging world, and I have a ton of catching up to do!