Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Home of the Blues"

As previously posted we had a "Throwdown for the Hometown" mixer this week. I am amazed to see how many people from both my sorority and the fraternity were from the country! All that plaid and denim made my head spin ;)

Thanks to tray chic, I decided to dress as "the blues." My first plan was to go as a pig and be BBQ, but I thought this was much cuter! I had a sign that said "Welcome to Memphis: Home of the Blues" but it got lost as soon as we made it to the bar. Oops! All my sorority sisters danced the night away and sang karaoke. I didn't want to break any glass, so I stayed away from the microphone. Plus, I was too busy dancing!

The reason why I really wanted to go to this mixer was to talk to a guy from my class that is absolutely precious [is that ok to call a guy that?!]. I was hoping "liquid courage" would help me get up the nerves to talk about him. Nope... but he did sit next to me in class the next day!

Here is a glimpse of my outfit straight out of the dirty clothes hamper... ha!

I already had the dress and the necklace, so I headed to Walmart to find the accessories. They have a wonderful assortment of colors in these leggings right now. They were so comfy, and only set me back $5! Then I made the headband with the coordinating ribbon.

I promise I will post the instructions on how to make these custom headbands after I get back from class!!


Chloe said...

cute headband (and rest of the outfit). have fun!

Gracie Beth said...

I have that same dress fom j crew and I am fairly certain we share 2 sisters

Preppy 101 said...

Very cute!!! xoxo

Lou Lou said...

Such a great idea, I'm definitely going to suggest this mixer theme to my social chair!

tray chic said...

yay! happy to help! your outfit was cute!

and i always call guys precious (not to their face) and people laugh at me!!!


The Pink Tutu said...

So cute! Sounded like a fun mixer!!

Leah said...

What a cute idea and outfit! And yes, I would definitely call a guy "precious!"

The Primrose Shop said...

cute costume idea!